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“… Along with many customizing artists, I give thanks to all those who got a place in their collections for our customs figures. For the future, who knows, we have some plans and proposals. We have the materials ready to go, but also want to prepare well and hit hard so it is with one, two or three pieces but do well and always thinking about your comments, suggestions and good review. I can only tell you, we are working hard and thinking about you all. Thx! ” Click here for more!

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Wrapping up! All facebook’s inputs, Silent Hill related.

Yes, my fav., old and new fcbk post related to Silent Hill. Here you can see part of my collection, videos, pictures, trailers…

Silent Hill Wrapping Up (2013-2014) – album

Lakeside Amusement Park: Poster and Robbies – album

@ritario’s Robbie The Rabbit Souvenir Edition – album

Bonus Item for Gecco’s Robbie the Rabbit AmiAmi Exclusive -album

Gecco’s Robbie the Rabbit AmiAmi Exclusive – album

Gecco Bubble Head Nurse -album

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Soundtrack cd – album

Silent Hill custom signboard – album

Silent Hill Environment Themed Pictures – album


Valtiel (non official)- album

12″ Nurse. Custom figure v21 – album

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Poster-Vinyl 27×40 – album

Compilation Silent Hill: Revelation 3D fcbk covers

Heather Statue By Toymunkey Studios Promo Pictures- album

Silent Hill: Downpour (Images from trailer) – album

“Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” – Screenshots Trailers & Tv Spot – album

Screenshots SHR-3D Official Movie Site – album

Silent Hill Brahams Herald – album

Silent Hill Ultimate Box – album

Silent Hill Ultimate Box – video

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Poster – video

SHR 3D movie site image – video

SHR 3D instants movie site – video

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D TV Spot – video

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Richard Linklater and Ellar Coltrane: ‘Making Boyhood’

#Boyhood #EllarColtrane #EthanHawke #PatriciaArquette

Richard Linklater and Ellar Coltrane: ‘Making Boyhood was a dear process’ | Film | The Observer.

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Robbie Souvenir Edition

Robbie The Rabbit – Souvenir Edition Mail Order Only, limited to 300 pieces!

Don’t forget to check our Silent Hill Gallery for more items.

#aritario #myfaceonafigure #SilentHill #SilentHillCollectors #SilentHillParadise #SilentNerd #SilentHillHistoricalSociety #SilenthillCollection

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Your Own Action Figure? Yes, you can have it!!!

The whole action figure or just the head! Just go to myfaceonafigure.com and check it out.

To give you an idea check mine right here: 

#aritario #myfaceonafigure #SilentHill #SilentHillCollectors #SilentHillParadise #SilentNerd #SilentHillHistoricalSociety #SilenthillCollection

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Roundup of News and links!

Just a small compilation of News and links for you!

  • Silent Hill Gallery has been updated with new items!
  • If you have not yet visited Silent Hill Collectors Facebook Group, I suggest you do it soon and then interact with thousands of fans and collectors of the famous Saga of Silent Hill
  • You know how you can find the latest news about the world of Silent Hill? How about videos, pictures, fan’s projects, forums …? It would be too much to include here, so I advise you to start right now to visit these sites:






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